BeeKeeper Training

The Building Blocks to Beekeeping

An introductory bee course that will give you a good grounding which will help you understand what bee keeping is all about. The risks and rewards associated with beekeeping are explained in simple terms and you can ask as may questions needed to help you understand.

This is a two day course, the first in the comfort of a class room and the second out in the fields with the bees.

Day 1 
The history of beekeeping.

Bee classification.

Life in a honey bee colony.

  • Communication
  • Activities in the hive
  • Reproduction
  • Bee caste’s

Starting beekeeping.

  • The outfit and equipment
  • First bees
  • Dangers and safety

The hazards and management of hives.

Pests and diseases.

Bee organisations, beekeeping legislation and registration as a beekeeper with DAFF.

Day 2
Consist of hands on practical training session at an apiary.

Smoking a hive correctly (Most important)

Opening a hive, looking at the make up of frames (honey, pollen and brood), see the difference between a worker bee cell, drone cell and if present a queen cell.


General tips on working a hive.


Bee Removal Training

Mastered looking after the bees and now want to expand your skills to include the removal of bees from different places they have chosen to move into.


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